Takayama Engine Oil 10W40 Semi Synthetic- Japanese Engine Protection

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Takayama engine oil hailed from Japan, Tokyo, is an automotive lubricant brand developed by Japan Chemical Innovations Corporation K.K. (JCI). Its unique ADAPTEC Formula, objectives are to meet latest emission requirement, increased engine life through superb protection and achieved excellent fuel economy by reducing engine frictions.

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Modern synthetic energy-efficient motor oil for heavy-duty gasoline engines. It is suitable for use in turbocharged, atmospheric gasoline engines, direct injection diesel engine of passenger cars and off-road vehicles. It prevents the formation of deposits inside the engine, reduces friction, reduces wear of parts. The oil meets the latest emission requirements. It is recommended as a all season motor oil.

Model Name
Takayama SAE 10W-40, API SL/CF, ACEA A3/B4 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

API SL/CF; АСЕА А3/В4; MB 229.1

Bottling Type:

Forced induction and Natural Aspirated Gasoline Engines, Light Duty Diesel Engines


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