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Frequently Asked Questions

We will list out some of the common questions that you might have for us ! Please read below.

What is the source of ASCC products

We focused on quality products sourced from all over the globe. Majority products sourced from Asia region like Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

OEM vs Aftermarket parts, which is better?

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer, parts are manufacturered by the car brands and exact match to the car model

Aftermarket - replacement parts that are not made by the car manufacturers. At times they will cost lesser than OEM products which some customers may find they are lower quality.

However at ASCC, our aftermarket parts are high in quality to serve as better alternative to customers for maintaining the car closer to OEM standard, if not superior.


Choosing in between OEM & aftermarket parts is down to customers' preference, budget and also purpose. If our customers prefer their cars to be close to original state, it's recommended to stick with OEM. For special needs from customers, like seeking for improvement, aftermarket parts perhaps will be the better options

How does warranty and good returns works ?

On terms and conditions, parts that supplied by ASCC come with warranty to safeguard our customers' rights and satisfactions. The warranty details will be stated in the product descriptions in products pages. We will accept good returns or refunds if goods we delivered are damaged on arrival, with sufficient evidences.

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