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Welcome to ASCC

Your Partner in Sourcing Autoparts ! We are targeting to become the one stop center for sourcing autoparts and replenishables at reasonable price and most satisfying quality . Shop with us NOW!

Longer service life, quieter hardware, better performance

Lubricants for engine and gearboxes, we trust only in high quality products that will ensure your vehicles will have longer service life and better performance

Braking Parts - Safe, Quiet, Performance

We carry braking parts that are able to meet or exceed factory standards, to restore braking performance, handling and safety to your cars.


Shock Absorbers - Stable, Grip, Comfort

Shock absorbers are one of the key components that keep your vehicle planted on the road, our range of shock absorbers aims to restore or enhance vehicles’ control, comfort and safety which keeping the costs affordable.


Mechanical components which connects to the engine and transmit power to the ground. Driveshaft, gearboxes, axle, wheel bearings and other rotating components are essential of providing optimum driving conditions to a vehicle and also keeping your safe during high speed driving.


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Sourcing products

Need other parts for special needs ?

Do not hesitate to drop us and email, calls or text messages. We are always ready to assist you to look for the auto parts you need. Just drop us the VIN number, part number (if possible) of the auto parts you need and we will be able to track it down !


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